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InfStones of MDUKEY node introduction-the world's leading blockchain cloud computing service provide
2020-07-21 09:23

Since InfStones became the first validator node to join the MduKey test network, InfStones has continued to empower MduKey in terms of node services, community building, etc., and fully integrate and support the ecological development of MduKey.


InfStones has contributed its professional cloud management services and security solutions to the MDUKEY mainnet. Together with the nodes connected to the MDUKEY ecosystem, it strives to maintain the efficient operation of the mainnet and plays an important role in the MDUKEY staking service. The MDU ecosystem can help further the prosperity of the MDU ecosystem.


In addition, with the strong support of InfStones, MduKey will continue to make continuous efforts in ecological development, market development, community construction, etc., and move forward steadily.


About InfStones


InfStones is the world's leading blockchain cloud computing service provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, and has offices in many places around the world. The company's core team consists of well-known companies such as Google, Oracle, Alibaba, Microsoft, Samsung, and Didi Chuxing. It is composed of senior engineers and technical experts.


InfStones is committed to lowering the barriers to access and use of blockchain, allowing customers to more easily build their own infrastructure on hundreds of blockchain networks. At present, InfStones has provided blockchain services to more than 30 large international institutional clients. Nearly 500 nodes of more than 30 public chains have been operating stably under the supervision of InfStones, and the value of digital assets entrusted has exceeded 1 billion US dollars.




MDUKEY’s vision is dedicated to building a “Traffic 2.0” platform. Through blockchain technology, it changes the highly centralized model in which all rights and interests of the previous traffic are controlled by the platform, and chooses to transfer data transaction rights, pricing rights, and transactions. The proceeds are returned to the individual. At the same time, a "point-to-point transaction" relationship is formed between the company that buys the data and the user who sells the data, and the company will no longer have any doubts about the authenticity of the data.


MDUKEY can effectively solve several problems faced by the current data traffic market: 1. Expensive traffic and difficult diversion; 2. Data pricing is not transparent; 3. Personal privacy data is easy to be leaked; 4. Users lose the right to gain data; 5. Data transactions The trust problem; 6. KYC cost is high.


The founder Han Yuanzhen once said: In the future, data will move from a centralized model to a model that allows users to truly control their own data. This is what MDUKEY will do.


According to reports, most of the MDUKEY team members come from Alibaba, Citibank, Wanxiang Blockchain and other companies, and the members have contributed code to the top international open source community (Cosmos/Tendermint) many times.