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Review of Bolian AMA
2020-05-15 13:20

At 19:00 on the evening of May 14th, [Bolian AMA] invited MDUKEY Founder & CEO Ryan Han for a talk. This live broadcast was hosted by Bolian, and multiple blockchain media would provide announcement support.

This article shares the review of Bolian AMA

Q: Today (May 14th) is the 52nd issue of Bolian AMA. We are fortunate to invite (MDUKEY Founder & CEO) Ryan Han. The theme is “After Bitcoin Halving, The Public Chain King of A New Generation” . First of all, Ryan will introduce what kind of problems MDUKEY are going to solve or want to solve when it comes to blockchain?

A: OK, let me give you a brief introduction to MDUKEY.

The overall underlying framework and technical foundation of MDUKEY comes from the blockchain team COSMOS. The technology of COSMOS is highly trusted and supported by the top investment banks from Wall Street.

MDUKEY focuses on the extension and iteration of chain technology, especially on the level of personal data storation and interaction. Decentralized data quotation center (to prevent differentiated pricing) and decentralized data transaction agreements, etc.

MDUKEY can effectively solve several problems faced by the current data trading market: 1. Expensive traffic and difficulty in diversion; 2. Data pricing is not transparent; 3. Personal privacy data is easily leaking; 4. Users lose the right to profit from data; 5. Data transactions issues in trust; 6. KYC costs are high.

MDUKEY MainNet was launched on January 3,with the code-name “Kunlun”.

Q: In November 2019, when the cryptocurrency market was down, MDUKEY completed the consensus laboratory leading investment, The investment of millions of dollars in financing, tell us the stories between MDUKEY and investors,please.

A: It is true that the capital was relatively cautious in the last quarter of last year, but good targets never lack investment.

From technical teams, economic models, application scenarios, media resources, and legal compliance, MDUKEY is a better choice than other projects. The simple point of understanding is that there are technology, resources, operations, and landing.

It took less than 20 days from the beginning of the whole financing process to get the funds in place. Here again, I thank investors for their trust.

Q: What sort of achievements have been made since the launch of the MDUKEY ? Are there any milestones worth sharing?

A: After nearly 2 months of testing in the third quarter of 19 years, the MDUKEY MainNet was successfully launched on January 3, 20th,with the codename “Kunlun”.

From the launch of MainNet to now, more than 20+ top-level nodes have joined the MDUKEY MianNet operation, 7 of which are EOS super nodes, such as Huobi Pool, OKEx Pool, InfStones, etc.

For product dimensions, MDUKEY has launched the blockchain browser MDUScan and MDU official wallet MDUPAY after the MainNet was launched. And on April 30, MDUKEY launched the first lapplication “MOBOX ”,which is to be achieved based on “Traffic 2.0” and the first vision of MDUKEY core technology.

Q: MDUKEY has put forward the concept of “Traffic 2.0”, could you please elaborate on it, is it the same as ETH 2.0? Or is it the same as NEO 3.0? Why not call it MDUKEY 2.0?

A: The respective visions proposed by ETH & NEO are based on solving the existing technical problems or overcoming the technical shortcomings of the blockchain, so as to better adapt to the needs of traditional industries We can take it for actually belonging to a passive construction vision. As an early traditional public chain, all designs are based on laboratories and ideas, so such an upgrade is inevitable.

Traffic 2.0 is not proposed in the same way. Traffic 2.0 is a product-oriented vision of traditional industries and an actual needs of users. The problems and solutions it proposes come from the real needs of present and the past. Traffic 2.0 is not a perfect public chain system which has upgraded MDUKEY. MDUKEY can be kown as the earliest public chain and willing to invest in the concept and vision of Traffic 2.0.

“Traffic 2.0” is to completely change the current unfair traffic environment, that return the platform data rights to users, and eliminate the brand’s concerns about the authenticity of traffic.

What MDUKEY wants to solve is the unfairness of data storage. The transaction rights and transaction revenue of the data have always been owned by the platform, and the users obtain little rights. Therefore, MDUKEY want to create a weakly centralized platform through blockchain distributed technology, allowing users to manage the data uploaded to the platform by themselves, and form a “point-to-point transaction” relationship with the brand who purchased the data. This is the MDUKEY utilization area. The basic principles of blockchain technology.

Using user rights as the starting point, MDUKEY has constructed a series of “Traffic 2.0” visions. Through blockchain technology, a distributed environment is presented. The users who upload data and the brand who purchases data form a “point-to-point transaction” relationship, weakening the overly centralized role of the platform. In the real scene of “Traffic 2.0”, each has its own complete ownership of personal data, pricing power, and trading rights are the foundation and core of creating authenticity of traffic.

Q: On the basis of “Flow 2.0”, MDUKEY launched the first product MOBOX, can you tell us what factors have given the birth of this product? What is the link between MOBOX and MDUKEY? And what practical applications will be brought next?

A: As mentioned above, Traffic 2.0 is a vision coming out of real needs and demands. Therefore, it is not an empty slogan. Then, a complete solution is needed. So it can be understood that the solution provided for MDUKEY is MOBOX.

Trading your own traffic is MOBOX’s slogan and it is what we are going to do. It is the core logic of MOBOX products to truly own its own traffic and thus enjoy a better life.

In the current design of MOBOX, the core problem in Traffic 2.0 has been solved, that is, the realization of the traffic and the reasonable distribution after the realization.

The link between MOBOX and MDUKEY is a complementary method. At present, the first complementary method is the price guarantee mechanism.

In addition, as mentioned in the topic just now, the platform is composed of users who upload data and the brand who purchases the data. MOBOX will announce the operation of the partners in the next step.

Q: What is the core value of MDU? How to evaluate the performance of MDU in the past period?

A: The value of MDU can actually be reflected in the Price Guarantee Mechanic. You may be misled by the price of the Price Guarantee Mechanic. I personally prefer the value protection mechanism, but the value is still reflected in the current industry.

The advantage of MDU is that the vision based on MDU and MDUKEY is not difficult to realize, and the vision comes from real needs. It is not as grand or difficult to achieve as other public chains, so the value of MDU does not need to wait 5 years or 10 years as other public chain does.

Moreover, the team combines the economic model, advantages and disadvantages of nearly one hundred public chain tokens, and the Price Guarantee Mechanic actually reflects the value of the public chain tokens of the entire industry in front of all investors.

The Price Guarantee Mechanic is not only applicable to MDUKEY, it can be applied to any public chain. The question now is why others do not use it, are they unwilling to use it?

Q: Recently, MDUKEY launched a “Price Guarantee Mechanic” for MDU, and achieved this goal through measures such as destruction, repurchase, and rewards. Could you please introduce the specific details?

A: The Price Guarantee Mechanic includes 5 parts: destruction, repurchase, reward, consensus, and value investment. Our main consideration is this, by controlling the external circulation of tokens to maintain a steady increase in prices, and return the platform’s income to investors, early MDU investors can have a great return in the later period through these mechanisms.

Destruction: MDUKEY will regularly destroy uncirculated MDU, and destroy 0.1%, 0.25%, 0.5% of uncirculated tokens in a small period of 6 months

Repurchase: MDUKEY will use the platform revenue for repurchase and make a repurchase action in a small period of 6 months. The amount of repurchase is 100%, 85% and 50% of the revenue respectively

Reward: The first MOBOX income is invested in the top 100 MDU position {Reward = total income / (100 * total position)}

Consensus: MDUKEY Foundation / Team only provides no more than 2 million tokens (about 1%) to the exchange, and chooses to release or not to release according to the actual staking.

Value Investment: After the official operation of MOBOX, it will be 100% independent and will be listed.

Q: Now that the star selling,MCN marketing, and private domain traffic in traditional industries happen a lot, is it related to the launch of MDUKEY Traffic 2.0 and MOBOX?

A: Nice question. We did pay attention to the changes in the traditional market, so we launched the concepts of MOBOX and Traffic 2.0 to grasp the opportuity.

Stars selling is not a sudden business logic, but a long business and technological evolution model. From celebrity endorsements, to online shopping, to online and offline shopping. From posters, to TV, to the Internet, to smartphones. This model will continue to evolve. We feel that as the blockchain matures, one of the results of the evolution is that every user who watches can benefit from the star-carrying model. At present, we have begun to lay out the user’s independent technical structure and the economic model for maximizing user rights.

As for MCN marketing. The evolution of MCN is accompanied by the advancement of blockchain technology, and everyone will have their own marketing platform and content. Just like the brand proposed by MDUKEY, the content-based distributed mapping is matched and marketed.

Private domain traffic is actually a manifestation of the integration of community culture and community culture. The development of the blockchain is the best embodiment of private domain traffic, and MDUKEY Traffic 2.0 also hopes to better evolve this model.

Q: In the future, are there any development plans that MDUKEY are preparing ?

A: For the development dimension, the team will complete all development tasks including MDUKEY 2.0 and MOBOX as planned. There are little technical difficulties for us. It is expected that MOBOX and MDUKEY 2.0 will be developed in November this year. If the development is completed in advance,we will first provide a Beta version for users.

The development progress of MOBOX will be synchronized on the official website: “mobox.mdukey.org” or “mobox.pro”.

In addition to MDUKEY2.0 and MOBOX Application, we will also launch MOBOX Data Trading Center, Wallet 2.0, Blockchain Browser 2.0, and Mobox Open Platform and MDUKEY Data Market SDK for developers.

High-quality media in Asia will jointly established a media promotion platform based on MOBOX under the Vision of Traffic 2.0.

In addition, we will soon launch the “List on 10 Ex” program, and the community will vote on the next ten trading platforms we log in. At present, our global ranking of AiCoin is about 140. Our goal for the next six months must be stable at top 100 or even top 90.

Q: On May 12, Bitcoin completed its third halving in history. How do you think the performance of this halving market and the subsequent trend of the Bitcoin? What about digital currency markets?

A: No matter whether the market goes up or down, everyone thinks halving leads to it. The market always find a reasonable explanation logic, but in fact it mainly depends on whether there is new capital pouring in the market.

Blockchain is still in a very early stage, there are a lot of bubbles and regulatory deficiencies. But every industry needs to experience the early stage. I am optimistic about Bitcoin and the entire blockchain industry!