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MXC Was Officially Elected as the MDUKEY Validator
2020-03-11 08:00

According to official information, the MXC Pool has successfully campaigned for the MDUKEY eco-validator and will help to develop the new privacy economy by participating in the construction of the MDUKEY MainNet. MXC is a digital asset trading platform created by the senior quantitative trading team of Wall Street ,Japan and Europe. The campaign to become one of the MDUKEY eco-validators also illustrates the importance that the MXC team attaches to the layout of digital assets in a new generation of private data systems.

MDUKEY is a new privacy economy application based on the blockchain. It transforms privacy, security, transparency and personal rights into digital identities through blockchain technology.

MXC, as a continuously developing trading platform, rises from the time tide with the characteristics of user orientation, high efficiency, and security. It not only integrates the advantages of centralized and decentralized transactions, such as strong liquidity, high security , credibility and transparency, but also attaches great importance on fairness,transparency and efficiency. As one of the main business modules of MXC, the MXC PoS mining pool is committed to making the PoS ecosystem simple. MXC Pool provides users with the best STAKING experience, promotes the development of PoS ecosystem, and promotes the progress of the industry.