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Consensus Lab Has Joined Validator Node of MduKey
2020-01-02 08:00

Consensus Lab has joined the MduKey. Institutional validators that have currently joined the MduKey include: InfStones, Wetez Wallet, Math Wallet, MEET.ONE, Bibishengxi Mining Pool,Cobo Wallet,Ourea Group,Nodeasy.com,BEPAL,CertiK,Hoo.com,HashFin,Consensus Lab.Visit “mdukey.org” for details.

It is reported that MduKey is a blockchain-based self-sovereign data privacy system that provides small and medium-sized enterprises with services such as introducing traffic services and matching private data transactions. Provide users with data hosting, data transactions and other services. During the data transaction process, data revenue will be owned by the user.

The economic model designed by the MduKey team can ensure that there are enough validators to participate in network maintenance without the inflation of the token. The MduKey MainNet code has been open sourced. Validators can join the TestNet through the guide document on github.

According to MduKey’s founder Ryan Han, most of the team members are from Alibaba, Citibank, Wanxiang Blockchain and other companies, and members have contributed code to the top international open source community (Cosmos / Tendermint) many times.

Consensus Lab is a blockchain investment research institute initiated by Mars Finance founder Wang Feng. It is one of the mainstream investment institutions in China’s blockchain industry. Focus on technology-based platforms, infrastructure and projects with international capabilities related to investment in blockchain. Consensus Lab is also a founding member of the Nova Club Investment Institutions Alliance.